Video Poker:

How to Play the Game

Video poker machines are similar to the slot machines. Here you have get the best 5 cards poker hand. You will win more if you get better hand than usual. You can learn about the payout from the chart before starting the game. You have to know about poker to play the game. If you know poker and play slot then you are the perfect person to play the game.

William Hill

Strategy of Video Poker

You can think video poker is the game of luck but there are many strategies built on this game. if you learn and apply those strategies on this game then you will get better success in the game.

Types of Video Poker

There are many types of video poker and the differences are based on the changes of the rules. The main rules are same for each type but there are some secondary rules what make different types.

Simulator of Video Poker

You can find an old-fashion video poker machine in our collection where you can learn the basic rules and strategies of the game. You can’t learn about the modern types of video poker with this machine and surely you will learn about video poker from this.

History of the Game

The game was first introduced in 1891 and so far this game has huge popularity. The first machine was similar to the slot machine only the playing rules and cards are different. If you ever play the card based slot games then you will learn that there are no difference between the slot machine and video poker machine only the rules.

After the 1980, this game become popular as an online casino game and now this is the most played online casino games in the world. The thrilling and exciting experience of the game make it unique among the casino games.